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The Masterpieces playing cards feature 56 custom cards printed on the classic Air-Cushion Finish. Released by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and printed by USPCC These decks are guaranteed to mesmerize you .

Tuck case is mainly the color of navy blue which gives a person a kind of low-key profound feeling. It is surrounded by two different branches all around and the two kinds of color have obvious contrast. The brand uses white color, which can have obvious show.

Around the Tuck case, the design is also formed by branches and company information. On the structure it will not give a person a kind of mixed and disorderly feeling, but it can show a certain charm. If magnifying the branches, you will find that it gives a person a kind of soft beauty. The branches in different azimuth can give a person a kind of feeling of being blown by the wind. The static and dynamic status is intertwining which gives the impression of truly full flavor.

The back of the Tuck case is showing a peacock, which stands on the branches quietly and coolly, and seems to be thinking. It gives a person a kind of mystery. The color of the peacock is golden yellow. The navy blue helps to throw up and show the peacock graphically.

The Back cards are artistic , Easy for Fanning and Cardistry Player.

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