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Euchre from Bicycle Playing Cards is specifically made for the game of Euchre. Each pack includes two pre-stripped playing card decks for four-player Euchre games, consisting of cards 9 through Ace and four sets of blank scoring cards. The two decks can be easily separated by color – one deck is light blue and the other is dark blue.

These cards are perfect for Euchre game nights! No need to sort through several decks of cards to pull out the cards you need. Just grab a Euchre deck and you are good to go. And with Bicycle playing card’s premium look and performance, you can’t go wrong!

This playing card deck features custom-colored and enlarged court cards and the classic Bicycle Rider Back design. The playing cards are printed on Bicycle thin crushed cardstock for a premium play experience and utilize Bicycle’s proprietary classic air cushion Finish for unmatched shuffling and dealing performance.

Euchre from Bicycle will have you playing your favorite trick-taking game over and over with friends and family alike.

SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR EUCHRE – This pack of playing cards includes two decks of playing cards used for the game of Euchre, and specially designed scoring cards

ENOUGH FOR TWO GAMES – Run two games at once! Each pack includes TWO full Euchre decks and FOUR sets of scoring cards

SCORE CARDS INCLUDED – each pack includes four sets of blank scoring cards

PRINTED ON BICYCLE THIN CRUSHED™ CARDSTOCK – for a premium card play experience

TRUSTED SINCE 1885 – Bicycle Playing Cards have been the trusted brand for an exceptional playing card experience for over 135 years!

CLASSIC AIR-CUSHION® FINISH – Superior performance in your hands and on the table using our proprietary finish that provides unmatched playability

NON-TOXIC, PLANT-BASED INKS – Printed with non-toxic, plant-based inks to limit our environmental impact and ensure consumer safety

FULLY RECYCLABLE – All the playing cards in the box are completely recyclable and made from sustainably forested FSC-Certified paper fibers

MADE IN THE USA – Proudly produced in Erlanger, Kentucky by The United States Playing Card Company

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